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Songs for Survivors of Rape and Sexual Assault
Welcome to the most comprehensive library of music for survivors on the net, proudly put together by me and my friend Lou from Aphrodite Wounded.
The songs on the following pages appear because they are relevant to survivors journeys one way or another. Each song is a link to a Youtube clip that will open in a different window. Some are directly about rape, domestic violence or child (sexual) abuse, and some symbolize our trauma, pain, anger and recovery. Some are songs that helped somebody get by. Some are dark, some are vengeful, some are loving, all are healing. So, you survivors who are goths, metalheads, grunge, rockers, hip-hoppers, punks, c&w lovers, easy listeners, popsters, r&b, matures, classical afficionados, or all of the above and beyond, pull up a chair and listen because there's something for all of you, and for any mood.
Browse the A-Z Songs index, and if you don't see your favorite survivor anthem click here to submit it .
Enjoy, and don't forget to email and tell me what you loved listening to!

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Please read carefully before submitting.
Please fill in all the fields in the form below.

Three important conditions for submitting a song:
1.Please do not send me links to any illegal mp3 downloading or filesharing hosts. I am only accepting Youtube clips and will not be party to infringing anyone's copyright. Here is the link to Youtube to look for your clip.

2. When you've found your song on Youtube, just cut and paste the link into the form field directly beneath the words "Exact Youtube URL." I simply don't have time to browse for your song, so in order for your song to appear, you must provide the link. Don't send the Youtube video embedding code, just the url of the page the video appears on will do. Please, please, please, the correct URL.

3. You must check to make sure the Youtube video that accompanies your song contains no pornography, racism or other hatred (beyond scenes intended to convey how stupid and odious degradation of anybody is).

If these conditions are not met, your song will NOT appear.

A few other points of courtesy:
Please make sure your song is a reasonable recording - some Youtubes butcher them!
Spell the song title and artist or band or classical composer name correctly
Please check that the song you want isn't already here. You can do this by going to the A - Z Jukebox Index that lists all the music, and where you can jump to any letter you like to look for your song. It's easy, and If you can be bothered looking, I can be bothered with your submission :)

Use any name you like, and you may submit more than one song.

Thanks for your submission

Go here to search for your song!

Song Submission Form
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"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."
~ Victor Hugo
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