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Songs for Survivors of Rape and Sexual Assault
Restless by Within Temptation

Here are links to pages of lyrics of songs survivors find healing.
Each link is an external link that will open in a separate window.
Some of the below songs can be heard in my Survivor's Jukebox.

You can also see below to submit a link to page with your favourite survivor song on it.

Lyric Link Submitted By:
Thank you by Jamelia Lina from TatteredxTornxBroken
Bad Wisdom by Suzanne Vega Louise from Pandoras Aquarium
Home Lyrics by Michael Buble Lina From TatteredxTornxBroken
Invincible by Pat Benatar Louise from Pandoras Aquarium
Refugee by Tom Petty Louise from Pandoras Aquarium
The Doctor Is Calling Lyrics by Megadeth Annaleigh from As Waters Passing By
Crazy by Seal Jennifer from After Silence
Red Football by Sinead O'Connor Louise from Pandoras Aquarium
Hands by Jewel Jennifer From After Silence
Stoneface by Veruca Salt Jennifer From After Silence
Remember The Tin Man by Tracy Chapman Louise from Pandoras Aquarium
Imagine Me by Kirk Franklin Unsnatchable Treasure from Pandy's
Every time I Cry by Terri Clark Anonymous from After Silence
Happy Now by Amy Studt Lina From TatteredxTornxBroken

A few pointers before submitting:
Use any name you like
Please spell the song title and artist name correctly
Make sure the page your lyrics are on loads smoothly and is not riddled with pop-up ads. I suggest looking here.
You may submit more than one link
Get the url exactly right
Thanks for your submission
Lyrics Link Form

I’m so tired of being here (My Immortal by Evanescence)
On the edge of oblivion (Everybody have fun tonight by Wang Chung)
and everything is so messed up (Blurry by Puddle of Mudd)
And now there's nothing to believe (Name by Goo Goo Dolls)
I don't know how it got to this point (Simple kind of life by No Doubt)

And all I wanted was the simple things (Simple kind of life by No Doubt)
A little piece of this dream (Be like that by 3 doors down)
My fantasy, my reality (You are by Jimmy Wayne)
And a perfect disguise above (Horse with no name by America)
Is that too much to ask (Be like that by 3 doors down)

I could use some help here (Last night again by Uncle Kracker)
And always will until the end (Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana)
Can you see this hell I’m living (Deny by Default)
It's not hard to understand (Intuition by Jewel)
And you still won't know (Good times gone by Nickleback)

I’m so alone, and I feel just like someone else (One headlight by the Wallflowers)
I had to fall to lose it all (In the End by Linkin Park)
My wounds cry for the grave (Tourniquet by Evanescence)
But that's the way that it goes (Bizarre love Triangle by New Order)
Trying to find my way the best that I know how (Trying by Lifehouse)

All this having been said (The art Teacher Rufus Wainwright)
I wont worry my life away (the Remedy by Jason Mraz)
I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly (Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson)
Nothing is Forever (One headlight by the Wallflowers)
You're never going to keep me down (Tubthumping by Chumbawamba)
~Submitted by & Credited to Mingo~
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