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tattered, torn and broken

Surviving the Memories has had a revamp! Read below for what's new!
Pandora's Project founder, Shannon Lambert was named a 2009 L'Oreal Woman of Worth! YOU can help survivors of sexual assault by taking a moment to vote for Shannon here. PLEASE vote before Nov. 25.

Welcome to Surviving the Memories. This is a website I decided to create to show how much of a Survivor from rape I have become and to attempt to help others with the simple validation that they are not alone. One can choose to let  the memories rule their lives while others can take those memories and find strength within them.
I have chosen to be strong.
My name is Donna, I am 30 years old and from New York. I was raped on December 9th 1998.
Within this site I will tell you about my story,  I will show you many poems I have written. Some of these poems may be beyond sad but I feel by venting out one's feelings on paper makes it so much easier to cope than with it all fluttering around in your head. I will introduce you to many favorite songs of mine; on most pages you'll see a survivor-related song you can listen to as you read. Then...drum-roll...if you want more survivor music to listen to, you will find more than 300 songs and pieces of classical music in the Survivor Jukebox I've compiled. There's a page for song lyrics  as well as lists of favourite healing songs submitted by other survivors. I am a total music buff so please brace yourself. *smiles*

What's also new is my Survivor Arcade, where you can go and play some diverting games. Have fun. I also have a memorial page, which is a comfort to me, and if you've lost somebody I hope it will be to you as well.
You will also see a page of many links, some are Personal Survivor Links, there are sites for Sexual Abuse Prevention, while others are many degrees of information throughout my entire site that may help you in your journey of healing.
Remember this, the night or day that you were raped, abused, traumatized anything still makes you a survivor. No matter how much of a victim and "statistic" you may feel like you are, it doesn't matter cause in all actuality you are a true and true survivor. Know that you are not alone, every single feeling that you have has been felt by many before while many others are still going through them.
Keep in mind that no matter what you are a unique and cherished human being, you were born for a reason, even if that reason doesn't show itself right this moment in time there is a reason why you are on this earth. There is also a reason why you are in my website, take care of yourself as you stroll around. (((hugs)))
You are your own best friend, you were with you as you came into this world as you will be when you leave this world. We all face trauma one way or another, but please keep your head up. It does get better.
Thankyou for coming into my site and I hope you enjoy your time in here. If you have a questions, comments, or anything to add feel free to email me at
Everyone please keep safe,

Donna =)

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Awe struck with this splendor
the sun sets on the Ocean
This makes my heart surrender
it cause's me deep emotion

The sun sets on the Ocean.
as it shimmers on the waves
It cause's me deep emotion
as it covers a thousand graves

As it shimmers on the waves
it glows like a golden pearl
As it covers a thousand graves
amidst the waves that swirl

It glows like a golden pearl
this makes my heart surrender
Amidst the waves that swirl
awe struck with this splendor.

Bernard Howe
Copyright 2003


Control by Poe

Letter To All Survivors From My Mom
May we hold your hand while God holds your heart?

Our Lord has graced us with His love and He has filled our hearts with affection for those who suffer the brutal travesty of deviate sexual violence. It is through deeply loving those who suffer from rape that we are given the opportunity to share in their emotional, spiritual and physical pain and as Donna's Mother and friend, I am pleased to welcome you to visit her site which I have watched Donna build over these months. As she has put it together I have watched her grow in strength of mind, will and determination to live life to it's fullest.

I offer my sympathy and love to all those who have been violated and this not only includes the rape victim but also the loved one's who are also victims as they endure their own pain of heart. Over these years I have dealt with many emotions and have asked God to heal and strengthen me so that I may be of help to strengthen Donna and to offer support whenever she needs me.

I believe that you will find solace and comfort on your journey through what Donna has put together for you with the intent of reaching out to those who suffer as she has.
May God Bless you all,
~Donna's Mom

To read more about my mom see this page


Gary Perkins last seen in Florida,


is wanted in New York with an outstanding warrant for gun possession

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