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"Intimate partner rape is real rape. Because of myths and stereotypes about rape, survivors of intimate partner rape are often denied support. This must change. If you have been raped by a husband or boyfriend, you can find validation and healing. Those who believe that rapists are only tattooed strangers in alleyways, or that rape by a partner is not seriously traumatic, think again."~Louise (Aphrodite Wounded)

"Surviving to Thriving is a site for female and male survivors of sexual violence, including rape, attempted rape, sexual abuse and incest as well as the people who support them. It is horribly difficult, but healing is achievable; we are capable of moving from survivors to becoming thrivers who remember the past and know that it affects us but realize that it does not absolutely define who we are and who we will become." ~Jes (Surviving To Thriving)

"Constantly wondering if what happened to you counts as rape/abuse/sexual assault or not can leave you feeling tired, guilty, stressed and depressed. Working through these doubts is hard and painful, but you have already survived so much. You deserve to be believed, to believe in yourself and to heal. If you have experienced any type of unwanted sexual contact then you have been sexually assaulted. I do not believe that there is such a thing as a grey area when it comes to any type of sexual abuse - it all counts and it all hurts. Someone hurt you and you deserve to heal." ~ Steph (Over The Rainbow)

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