Close to Where You Are by Jonalyn Viray

People say that I am such a holy person, saintly I mean. I was 15 when it all started. I used to have this close friend to whom Ignored my intuition.To my horror, my intuition was right. Something was definitely wrong. That day came, May 3, 2004. I was raped on that day by the person I considered as a friend. It felt like the whole world was collapsing and I had no where else to go.
My life changed since that day. For the rest of that month, I managed to act normally. But I knew that it was a lie. It was my dream
to become a nurse. Unfortunately, my traumatic experience affected both my school and social life. Everything turned out so bad that I wanted to surrender. When I received my grades, I found out that I had low grades.
It was actually difficult for me because I tried assuming my experience as an inspiration. In the end, I still suffered.
Seven months, after it happened. Something tragic happened. I was sexually harassed by a total stranger. I can't imagine how that awful man did it to me. I mean, I was not that fashionable or attractive. But still, I blamed it on
myself...Well, that's all for now...I feel like crying...I'm sorry, if I can't continue relating my story...

"It is in prayer, that I find my strength. Even if my heart is crushed each day."
~ Author Unknown

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