Broken Wing by Martina McBride

It has been so hard for me to live with this especially only as a 15 year old girl so i hope my story encourages others to share theirs My mom had just gotten divorced and she had just found a new boyfriend about 1 year later...... well everything was going great until one night when my moms boyfriends son came home drunk with a bunch of his friends and they were all hitting on me i dont think they realized that i was only 8 and they were 16,17,18. well they finally all left and everyon else was asleep......he came into my room and layed pressed up against me i said derek go away and he goes just let me lay here with you so I let him.

About 20 mintues later he tried to get down my pants and I told him to get off of me and he said that he wasn’t trying to do anything he was just trying to find something that he dropped (ya right) so finally he got down my pants and I tried to get him to stop but then he started fingering me and I was crying and telling him to stop but he wouldn’t. I hated him for that. It took me up til 1 year ago to tell anyone about this before.

I hope others are encouraged by my story to try and help stop people like them.

  “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”
~ Dr. Haim Ginott

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