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Triggering Media: Miscellaneous

Here is a list of possibly triggering music videos, songs and other miscellaneous media. If you want to add something to this list, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Title Medium Comments
Broken Home
Music Video
By Papa Roach. general theme of domestic violence. very short, almost subliminal, scene implying rape.
Music Video
Tells the tale of a girl being sexually abused, and ostracized by her peers. The video is optimistic at the end that she will survive, but triggering none the less.
Invalid Litter Dept.
Music Video
Video and song tell about the nearly 600 rape/murders in Juarez, Mexico. Probably the most disturbing part is the crime scenes...Mexico does not clean up their crime scenes well, so in the video you often see shoes or purses of the victims, still there years after the murder.
Janie's Got A Gun
Song/Music Video
This Aerosmith song/video deals with a girl being molested and raped by her father...she ultimatly kills him for what he did. One scene where you see her while he does these things to her. Overall, a very good song and tastefully delt with video.
Radio Show
This show is bipolar in nature. On the one hand there is great advice and compassion for survivors from Dr. Drew, on the other, there is the occasional disgusting rape or incest joke from Adam. Listen with caution.
Prison Sex
Music Video
The song (by TOOL, and written by a male survivor)is a graphic portrayal of sexual abuse. The video itself is far more subtle, but still very disturbing. Sends chills up my spine.
Turn The Page
Music Video
I love Metallica...but this video of theirs, which features the beating and rape of a prostitute with her daughter in the next room, is too much for me as a molestation survivor.
Woodstock '99
Concert (Bootleg Video)
If you watch this, please take care of yourself during the Limp Bizkit set. If you have keen eyes, you may see girls who have just been raped/molested being pulled out of the moshpit. The looks on their faces may trigger.

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