You did not deserve to be abused and you do not deserve any of the suffering that his gone with it. You deserve a fulfilling, happy life.

Suicide is a taboo subject. People don't usually want to talk about it. But many men who've suffered sexual abuse as boys, think about it, plan it, even attempt it. Why?

When you think about it childhood abuse can have so many harmful effects it's no wonder many men think about it themselves. If you're one of them see if any of the following seems true for you:

Feeling suicidal can occur at different stages of recovery. Sometimes it happens when you start remembering the abuse and trying to come to terms with what happened. At this point you may experience a lot of emotional pain and chaos. Then as you start recovering you may feel despair thinking of the long road that lies ahead. But the feelings can often come back later on if you uncover new memories, or even when you achieve what seems like a positive breakthrough.

What to do if you feel like killing yourself
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