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Tips for Staying Safe

Safety Ideas

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Safety Ideas
  1. Think about how you carry your car keys. Do you hold your keys in the hand you are most likely to use to defend yourself, your dominant hand? Learn to open your car and house doors with either hand. Consider wearing your keys on a bracelet-style chain; then if you let go they won't drop.
  2. What information are you giving out without even realizing it? Carrying your mail in plain view, for instance, gives anybody who looks the gift of your name and address.
  3. If your answering machine says, "Hello, this is Susan," it may sound like you're a woman living alone. If it states your phone number, know that people can use that to find out where you live. Consider what you want phone callers to know about you.

To "Avoid" Stranger Rape





To "Avoid" Date Rape

Remember: No matter how many or how few safety precautions you use, it is never your fault if you are raped.

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