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Total Request Live

Before you finish reading this, another woman will be raped.

According to the Department of Justice, every 2 minutes a woman is raped. Teens 16 to 19 are 3 1/2 times more likely to be a victim of rape, attempted rape or sexual assualt.

Unfortunately, most of these victims are alone. But they don't have to be.

On July 27, 1994, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) hotline began taking calls. RAINN provides free and confidential couseling, support, and advice to victims of all types of sexual crimes. Its nation-wide 1-800 number (1-800-656-HOPE) provides callers with a connection to a rape center in this or her area where s/he can receive support and referrals, and they call will never appear on their callers phone bill.

RAINN was started by musician Tori Amos, herself a survivor of rape, as a way to unlock the silence. in May 1997, Congress declared May 16 the first annual RAINN Day. In honor of this year's RAINN Day, an e-mail campaign has begun to request MTV's show Total Request Live (TRL) play Tori Amos's video "Silent All These Years," a song about her own experiences with rape, and ask that MTV play a RAINN Public Service Announcement immediately after. On the first RAINN day, 1000 radio stations, MTV, VH1, and The Box simulcasted PSA's, and the result was a huge increase in calls to the RAINN hotline...hopefully, we can duplicate that success!

So on Tuesday, May 16, go to the MTV TRL website ( and vote for Tori Amos's "Silent All These Years" video and ask that they play a RAINN public service announcement immediately afterwards.

Please copy this text and e-mail it to your friends, parents, brothers, sisters, and anyone else who wants to help unlock the silence.

For more information, go to