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Tori Amos Inspired Sites

As Waters Passing By - Annaleigh's site, formerly Annaleigh's Abuse Awareness

Awaygirl's site aimed at survivors of African descent - A place of healing through creative expression..

Dan and Paulette's Recovery Page - -includes personal stories, coping strategies, encouragement, places to contribute, and links.

Dancing in the Darkness - Vera's comprehensive survivor site

Emergence - A place where victims of sexual violence can come to feel safe, accepted, cherished, and, hopefully, less alone.

Finding My Soul - Tracy's site for survivors of child sexual abuse. Sections of sexual abuse by female perpetrator and child pornography.

Haven - A survivor room; A safe place created to express and feel the things there isn't any other safe place for.

Hope Heals - Melanie's website for survivors of rape and sexual abuse dedicated to breaking the silence.

I Am A Survivor Not A Victim - This site deals with sexual abuse and all the problems it causes on a daily basis.

November Slaughterhouse - A poet's survivor site. Includes quotes and links.

Over the Rainbow - Stefka's Wizard of Oz themed survivor site. Survivor stories, rape in the media, articles and survivor creativity.

Pregnant by Rape - Support for women who have faced rape related pregnancy or who are facing it now. A pro-choice site by a survivor who had and kept the child.

Sarah's Survivors Page - Rape poetry and stories.

Staying Strong - A survivor's story. Includes poetry and links.

Surviving the Memories - Donna's site. Survivor music and poetry plus much more

Surviving Together - This page is for survivors of abuse to find encouragement, support, and a safe place to share. This is our page (yours and mine).

Surviving to Thriving - Jes's site for survivors of rape and child sexual assault.

Tears in the Dark - A place to vent anger and frustration, share recipes for healing, and make some great friends.

Tristessa's Page - A site with my story, my aftermath and anger and some writings.

Wings of Fire - Shani's site for survivors in the BDSM lifestyle

With Strength - A personal experience of acquaintance rape and becoming a survivor.

You Are Not Alone! - A survivor's page for those dealing with rape or sexual abuse.

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