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Alex's Recovery - One woman's continuing fight to overcome the trauma of sexual abuse.

Childhelp USA - A national nonprofit organization, operating a child abuse hotline, residential treatment villages and group homes for severely abused children; foster family agencies; advocacy centers to reduce the intake-processing trauma for severely abused children; community outreach; and education programs.

Dancing The Tides - My story of childhood sexual abuse and rape, and my recovery process.

I Have Survived - A place where one woman takes a deep breath and "come out" as a survivor of child sexual abuse.

Kim's Safe Place - A safe place for the healing, prevention, and awareness of child abuse.

Lorretta Woodbury On-Line - This site was developed for all survivors everywhere. There is an active forums as well as poetry and prose from all over the world.

Pandora's Box - The secrecy of child sexual abuse.

The Mighty Phoenix - Marie's site dedicated to survivors of childhood abuse of all kinds.

Untitled - This page will lead you to a series of pages on what it means to me to be a survivor of child sexual abuse.

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