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Survivor Stories

i'll start off by saying i was raped twice( too different guys) and 1 guy attemped it, but he sexually harrassed me.

i remember the day, it was a tuesday, May 2nd

i was helping a "friend"or so i thought i also stupidly thought i could trust this guy. i was helping move into my apartment complex next door to me.

i imedietly felt uncomfortable when we were taking a brake, he told me we were going to have one hell of a relationship. he didn't ask me out, and he was 27, i was 15 i don't know why but then i passed out and during that time 2 hours i was semi-consious drifting in-and-out of memory of what was going on. when i came to the first time he realized that he stopped pulled my pants up and i just lay there confused and blank, then i passed out again this time i remeber him getting a condom and doing it again but the second time i came to i left then over the next few days he asked my why i was avoiding him and that nothing happened, and he didn't know why my friends wouldn't let him near me alone, and if we could go to his balconey or somewhere we could be alone of course i told him NO.

there wasn't enough eviedence so he never got caught because of that 2 of my best friends thought i was lying about being drugged and passing out, so they didn't want to be my friends anymore.

then a few months later i was babysitting for a friend in my church, and her husband was starting to act weird around me, he'd call me and ask if i could "babysitt his son" but when i got there his kid wasn't there just him and his friend he got me drunk and then started to take off my clothes and performed oral sex on me made me do the same and then penetrated me about 3 times he came all over my back and stomach then every time i babysat for his wife and he came home from work first he'd make sexual advances on me. then a second time i don't know how or remmber why i was at his house but he forced me to have sex with him again. then him and his wife divorced and he moved to davis he still calls me if he thinks he's can do that again but i avoid him to the extreme then a few days later his friend took my ## from him and he caleed my and asked me to have sex with him and wouldn't leave me alone till i treatened to tell his wife

the only advise is never be with i guy you don't know that well or at all alone, and always be with a friend, adult or someone you know and trust never be with a guy alone in a a quiet deserted place


It was about 20 yrs ago. I am 30 now.. myself and three other so called friends went for a swim in the river. The only way back to this swimming hole was down an old dirt road that no one used except maybe once a week or less. After we were done swimming, we all went for a bike ride down to the end of the road. (it was a dead end).

once we got there, I went off on my own for a few minutes, and when I came back two of my friends went off into the woods.. John had said that they went for a walk. after I sat down beside him, he asked if I wanted to DO IT. I said NO! Then he asked again and again, and told me thats what the other two were doing.. I still Said NO! then he gave up and then asked if I wanted to go for a walk then.. this was my second mistake, I believed him.. I said Ok, I will go for a walk. So we went for a walk through the woods up the hill. after a while, he stopped and look around on the ground, moving leaves and sticks. I was starting to feel scared.. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was looking for a place to lay down. I started to shake. I then told him, I said I didn't want to do that.. he stood up (I was against the tree) and was standing pretty close to me, and said, I will make you, I will hit you if I have to..

What was I to do, I thought about running, but we were in the middle of NO WHERE. just mountains and the river, we were miles away from anyone..

I should have run, I know that now, but I was scared that I was really going to get hurt..

So I waited, I don't know how my clothes got off, I can't remember that part, but the next thing I remember was laying on the ground. the leaves were sticking into my back. The next part I remember was him sitting up by my head, he told me to stick it in my mouth.. I would do it, I turned my head, the thought of it was gross.. but he turned my head and stuck his fingers in my mouth to pry it open and then he stuck it in.. my mind is thinking bite him, but I was agian scared. that if I did, he would hurt me even more. Now that I think about it, I should have bit it. I wouldn't do anything as a matter of fact, I almost threw up.. so he finally took it out and began to finish what he started out to do. I begged him not to, I even said I don't want to get pregnant.. Thinking that would make him stop. but he asked if I started my period yet, and I told him No,, then he told me I couldn't get pregnant.. I was about 10, I didn't know you needed that to get pregnant. So he finished..

Alot of the deed is still hazy, but I remember alot of it. after he was done, I don't remember getting my clothes back on, but I do remember running down the hill, to my bike and riding all the way home crying, as fast as I could, I didnt look back.. I saw my best friend outside, so I stopped and told her, he made me do something I didn't want, and she told me I was lucky.. because of who it was.. (It was her sister with us that day, now that I think about it, she said they didn't do it, they just left us alone, she knew what was happening.)

I went home and didn't tell anyone else, If my best friend told me I was lucky, what would my parents think.. So I went home, and didn't tell a soul.. for many many yrs.. I told my husband something happened to me when I was a kid, but I didn't tell him what. I had to tell him, because when we were dating he use to ask me all the time . Do you want to do it. I would say NO, then after a while of him asking me, I started to cry.. I had to tell him something happened in the woods, but I didn't tell him what. Now that I think about it,, It must of been the way he asked."Do you want to do it" that is the phrase John used that day...

I did not go for help, and Now, I am beginning to see what that day has cost me.


When I was 13 I did some volunteer work at a local musuem. There was this guy who worked there. He was 23 and paid alot of attention to me, which at that time in my life I loved. He was someone I could tell my probles to and he would help me.

One day he started asking me preverted questions and I just blew it off. Well one day we were alot and he took me into a room and he got undress and then had me get undressed. I was scared and confused. The next time he made me preform oral sex on him. I was to scared to tell my parents. THis happedned about seven more times. Then on Saturday he raped me. After that he raped me one more time and then one of my friends I told went to an adult who told my parents.

Two years later we went to court and he was found not guilty. That was one of the worst days of my life. To know that he can do what he did to me to some other helpless girl upsets me. It you ever meet a guy named Mario Muralles who lives in Lousiana, please stay away.

im: faithmc521

Tell your story.

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