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Survivor Stories

It was my 14th birthday. My friend and I were at the mall doing a little shopping and I had bought a few things and we headed to the food court to get something to eat. She finished eating and she had to leave early. I was having a party at my house later on that night so she said she'd be there early to help me clean up and then she left. I sat there, looking at the cd I had boughten and eating the rest of my food when some guy popped up at my table and asked me for a light. I told him no and he said thanks anyway. He noticed the cd I had boughten and he commented on how much he liked that band and we started talking and we really hit it off.

After a moment, his friend from the table he was sitting at before came over and joined in our converstation, but this one guy and I were really hitting it off. Time passed really quickely and I told them I had to leave 'cause it was already 5 and I had to set up for my birthday party and stuff.

They asked if they could walk me home and of course I said yes because I saw no harm in that. I mean, it was daylight, and I lived reasonably close to the mall, so they walked me home. On the way I told them both about the party I was having and I mentioned hat they were both welcome to come if they wanted to. It wasn't going to be a big huge party or anything and they both said they'd come. Finally we arrived at my house and since the two of them were going to come to my party, I invited them to come in and hang out until the party, considering my friend would be over to help set up in about an hour anyway. The guy I really hit it off with was eager to come but the other guy said he had to be home for dinner so I invited him in and we talked for a while, I got him a drink, and we started to watch tv. After he noticed that nobody was home at my house at that time, he started moving closer to me and he started trying to kiss me and stuff. Of course I was like, No man, I don't know you, but he just kept on pushing. Before I knew it, he was on top of me ripping my clothes off and telling me how I was REALLY gonna be thankful that I invited him in. He was really rough and he hit me a bunch of times. He raped me twice in a row and came all over me both times. It was absolutey disgusting. He made me do all these gross things like lick it off and suck him off and he tried to anal rape me too. I screamed and cried and last thing I remember, he smashed my head off the back of my couch and I passed id on't know what happened after that. I woke up pretty soon after covered in crusty, dried ejaculate, and blood all over me. I felt so dirty and sick to my stomache. I puked twice,and I looked at the time and panicked! My friend would be there in half an hour to get ready for my party! I didn't know what to do so I cleaned up the mess, took a shower and pushed everyhting out of my mind. Needless to say, neither of the guys showed up for my party...and my party went as expected...everything went smoothe and people left at a decent time.

My best friend (who's name was Kyle) was supposed to stay the night and after everyone was gone, he asked me why I was acting so weird. I got a little mouthy and to mind his own business and that everything was fine, but he saw through my anger and he noticed how jumpy I was and all the brusies that were starting to show up...finally, after much badgering, he got it out of me. I told him everyhting and we both cried all night. THe next morning he tried to get me to go to the police but I refused. I was afraid nobody would believe me but he convinced me to get checked out. Other than some cuts, stiches and a few LARGE bruises, I was physically okay byt the people at the hospital strongly recommended I go to the police. After hours of convinceing and hugging and crying, Kyle dragged me to the police station. I was scared but he was so reassuring that I let him take me. We got there, and went to a private place and talked to a male officer.

BUT, the officer, turned the story completely around and TOTALLY blamed everything on me! it was SO terrible. He told me how stupid I was to let this boy in, and how I got what I deserved and I cried and Cried. Kyle was dumbfounded with the officers reaction...he was calm at first, trying to tell the officer that he was wrong and that it wasn't my fault but eventually, I had to drag Kyle out of the station because he was gonna get in a fight with the officer!

I didn't know what to do! I was totally helpless and nobody could do anything about it! The person got away with what they did! I started gettign depressed. Another night, I was walking my dog, and the two guys attacked me from behind a building and they raped me right there on the cold hard ground. Both of them!!! I wandered home after that not knowing what to do! Kyle was there to my suprise and he automatically knew what had happened and he ran out the door to find these guys. I was sure he would kill them but I guess he never found them. So nothing ever was done about what happened....those guys are totally free...I see them every once in a while and it just kills me, because I'm totally helpless against it...

Name Withheld

Well, i meet this guy that i thought i could trust. He wasnt like other guys he was sweet caring nice and everything in between. He seemed perfect. He knew how to make me smile when i was down and make me happy when my dog died. He was Mr. Right.....or though i thought. One day we went to the beach for our 5th month anniversary, we started to kiss and then he layed me down on the wet sand. he was touching things that i didnt want to be touched. he pulled my shirt off and then ripped my bra off. He didnt get it when i said that i didnt want to have sex. i told him over and over but he never listened. then he forced himself on me and slapped me and then that is when i gave up. I gave up my one thing that i coulnt get back. my viginity. im am not writing this for horny boys amusement but to warn all the girls out there to not let this happen to you.

im: mimi1086

That morning, I was starting my first study day as a laboratory technician for the government. I was also leaving that day to spend the week with my friends as Mr C’s behaviour had become more peculiar and parental and I was beginning to feel un-easy in his company. He demanded where I had been and whom I had been with on sev-eral occasions after I returned home. I was too scared to tell him that I had a boyfriend, Andrew for fear of his reactions. In recent years I have also discovered that he used to ring my friends to find out where I was at any certain time. He also often rang repeatedly at work, which made my working life intolerable.

I had been working at a university, and was transferred to a Medical Centre, and often Mr C would have coffee in the Volunteer Café Bar, where I sometimes went for morning tea. I was informed by the police that nothing could be done about it, as he could be having tests, visiting a patient etc. This led to a breakdown and my resignation from a Medical Centre.

The morning that the assault occurred, I had woken early to get ready as I had to catch three buses to get to where my training was. I woke up and got dressed and walked out into the lounge room where Mr C was watching a pornographic video featuring explicit lesbian scenes. He wanted for me to watch it with him, and even rewound part of the video, but I was disgusted by this and continued getting ready, and started to hurry, as I was feeling very uncomfortable.

I had successfully managed to ignore Mr C until I was finishing packing my backpack to leave. My backpack was on a rattan chair and I was leaning over the back of it to finish packing. The next thing I was aware of was Mr C's hand’s on my breast and my genitals. I clearly said No several times while this was occurring. I attempted to grab my boyfriend’s mobile phone that was in my bag to no success.

A few minutes later Mr C released me. I ran to the door and attempted to leave but he had deadlocked the door. I considered smashing a window at that stage, but real-ised that the screens were on and that I would possibly aggravate Mr C’s behaviour.

I pleaded with him to let me out and at that point I knew what was going to happen to me. He pulled down his shorts from the other side of the room and said words to the effect of “What are you going to do about it.” He then approached me and used his hands to force me down on his knees, and he forced my mouth open by holding my jaw with both hands and proceeded to put his penis in my mouth. Mr C relaxed his grip on my jaw somewhat, which allowed me the opportunity to bite his penis. I assumed that it would incapacitate him long enough for me to get out of one of the windows.

Unfortunately, Mr Colsey became aroused by my actions and said words to the effect that I would be a good little slave. Mr C then roughly pushed me into his bedroom. He picked a pair of handcuffs from just under the bed and handcuffed my hands to the bed-head while he proceeded to take of my shoes, socks, jeans, undo my body suit and take my underwear off. As Mr C’s body size was so much greater than mine, and he was leaning on my chest at the time I could not resist physically although I continued to say No continually.

He then used a second pair of handcuffs that were placed conveniently at the end of the bed, which made me feel that this act had been premeditated. At this point I started to scream. Mr C seemed to become aroused at my struggling, and proceeded to get a brown box, which was in arms reach. He then gagged me with a wooden object with a piece of leather through it in an attempt to stop me screaming. Stupidly, I did not stop verbalising my distress, and he blindfolded me and wrapped my face in cling wrap. I stopped trying to scream then because I was just concentrating on breathing at that time. Mr C took off the handcuffs, sat me up and took off my body suit and jacket. I did not struggle at this stage because my previous attempts had precipitated escalation in the violence. He then re-cuffed me to the bed.

He was calling me Sarah, I do not know the identity of the woman that he was speaking about, but this was intermixed with “Good girl”, “What a good slave you are”.

He then proceeded to bite my body all over starting from my right arm, across my chest and along my left arm. Mr C proceeded to bite down my body from my thorax and down to my left hip and across to my right hip. He then started biting down my right leg on the outer part of my leg and then towards my genitals on the inside of my leg. He then continued biting down my inner left leg and up my outer left leg. He then positioned himself so that his face was close to my vagina. He opened my outer labia with his fingers and proceeded to stare at my vagina for some time. Mr C then started biting my outer labia and then my inner labia and finally because I was making no response to his obvious efforts to make me cry out in pain he bit my clitoris. He then started to make panting noises and started sounding very sexually aroused. He then licked my body in the same directions that he had bitten me. Mr C then performed cunnilingus on me.

Mr C then tied some fabric very tight around my neck, and I thought I was going to die. Mr C then penetrated me with some kind of sheath designed to cause pain and damage. I was hurting all over my body and then he penetrated my anus with his finger and then I was sure he was going to kill me because I could not imagine that Mr C would let me survive this. I could not imagine living through it.

I assume he then went into the bathroom because he came back with a flannel and some water, and proceeded to wash me down. I was still struggling to breathe at this point and was horrified about what would happen next. He then took the cling wrap from my face and in apparent surprise said “Trudy!” in a panicked voice. He washed my face, and then dressed me again, having taken the handcuffs from my hands and feet. I did not resist as I think I was in shock and too scared to do anything. Mr C kept apologising that it was an accident and he didn’t realise who I was. Mr C said something about having a dissociative disorder so he didn’t mean it. That he didn’t know what he was doing. He then lifted me from the bed, fetched my backpack from the chair and unlocked the front door. As soon as I was outside, I rang my boyfriend Andrew, but was too ashamed to tell him what really happened, and could not bring myself to tell the officer as Andrew worked in the building I didn’t want any of Andrew’s friends to know what had happened. Even Andrew never knew. Mr C then thought we were together, a couple. He stalked me for 18 months and coerced me to go out with him on New Year’s eve. He said he would hurt me again if didn’t. He continued turning up at my place’s of residence (I had moved 5 times in 18 months at that stage) Although just far enough away so that I couldn’t call the police, or he would turn up at places where I went for recreation. I felt trapped, and did not even have my car or the lease to my house in my name for a very long time. That’s about it, other than 4 years of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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