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Survivor Stories

I have told a few people about what happened to me, my husband, my mother, a couple of friends and my brother in law told my father. My sister knows what happened to me as it also happened to her.

Here goes, when I was very young, maybe 5 or six my father's brother molested me. My parents trusted my aunt and uncle, as everyone usually does, and used to visit them often and also they would babysit us. I have very limited memories of what happened, things come back now and again, new memories to add to the ones I have.

One particular incident stands out, I was being babysat just me not my sister (who is 3 years older then me) I believe I was 5 or 6 and my uncle was going to have a nap. Somehow he got me in the room with him, I don't know if I was suppose to be napping with him or not but I was there. I remember him rubbing my private area and getting me to french kiss with him. After the "nap" I went out into the kitchen where my aunt was and she asked me what we were doing in there (now I believe she knew what he was like) and I showed her "Uncle Reggie was rubbing me like this" and kissed me. She sent me outside to play and I remember hearing yelling inside the house.

I also have memories of laying in bed with my uncle, my sister on one side and me on the other side of him, he making us rub his penis (inside his pants) and getting us to each french kiss with him. My other memories I believe are repressed.

When I was sixteen I wrote a story in school, it was not pertaining to my being molested as I didn't really remember it , I blocked it out. My english teacher I guess got some bad vibes from it and decided to have me see a social worker. During these visits to the social worker I started to remember what had happened and told him. He convinced me to tell my parents (my parents were divorced by this time) I agreed to tell my mom but not my father I didn't think he would believe me for some reason. I told her and made her promise not to tell my step-father she agreed but she told him anyway, she never did anything about it she was always afraid of what everyone would think.

I started dating my husband at 17 and one night he was driving me home from a party, he had a couple of drinks but I had not been drinking and I told him that I didn't like kissing someone who was drinking (as my uncle was always drinking when he molested me) he felt hurt and questioned me about it. I told him the whole story. I felt he pulled away from me after that (for a while) until we had a good talk and he told me he was afraid of upsetting me. He is the love of my life and we have been married for 11 years. My hubby is always so supportive of me and holds me when I break down and cry, usually when we are drinking it all comes back to me, I guess the booze lets my guard down and it all comes back.

My mother has tried to talk to me about it once since then, a few months ago, (after my sister had told her off about doing nothing , she never told her it happened to her as well), she said well I thought it only happened once, I told her once or 50 times no excuse. I have tried to get help but have had such a hard time. The best I can do is talk about it. Thanks for letting me.


Hi my Name is Holly i'm 13 and from Ont Canada. First off like to say thanks for puting this page up and thanks to other people that have came here too.

I will tell some things of my self I will not put in detales I think its rude to be asked then as well.

I grew up in normal area My mom was always nice to me and my dad and my dad was more like a best friend then a dad to me. But that changed when I was 8.

My dad lost his job and soon after he was working but not like b4, he would drink and fight with my mom, first was words then got worse to point were he hit my mom, I rember seeing him hit her I try step in i get hit for it, After a wile i learned not to make my dad mad and so did my mom.

She tell me things are OK he is trying just to much for him she did wrong. She took blame for everything dinner not ready to dishs not done you name it. by time was 9 getting hit was something I was use to I knew to eat all my dinner to have my room claen not make nosie and to always be clean.

by time was 10 i had learned how to make people not see marks and how to hid them with lie's

at 12 i went to school with broken wrist waited till no one around and slid down the steps Ohhhhh my wrist, teachs took it as my running and falling no one thought other wise,

Everyone thought i was clumbest kid they ever seen.

Was also when i was 10 things changed from hitting to other things.

The first time was after i goten beat for knocking over a beer my dad had on floor next to his chair. he hit me and pored beer on me told me to bath, I did.

he came in did the He sorry and that he loved me. I tild him he lie he loves beer. Thinking i get hit for that he said NO he prove it.

Well alots of soap on cloth between my legs as i stood there. I didn't know to move away or stay.

I was scared but didn't take long for me to feel good and next year he made me feel good and i learned to make him feel good.

when 11 my dad lost job again do to drinking and driving and getting pulled over.

Now my mom working and my dad is home. Don't need to explane things from them. he had me everyday sometimes more then one time.

I had learned to do anything. Worse I thought thats what everyone did with there fathers.

At 12 strated to learn things were not right. My dad had gotten to very force full i now got hit for noting as good or for him not being able to do as good. So I ran away, Right move but wrong way, I ran to downtown area of my city, well make it short ran to bad area and someone bad found me real easy.

was play video games and guy came up said Hi your new here, I was like I been here b4 just stoped to play games, he asked age I lied said 14.

He saw past that and talked to me more then somere along way things change he said Lesson I know your lieng your not 14 and why you running away? Guess my school bad with my things in was a give away. This guy knew what to say I needed to hear in no time I thought he was nice understanding guy.

said wanted go for pizza i gave in. then said were you gone stay tonight, I was like Duhhhh i donno. He said come one stay with him and his friends that reated a hotel on the strip.

I was like duh OK.

Well his friends were 2 guys and another girl they were pimping.

Went to place dumb as i was and well after that night I though my dad was alot nicer. week later I went home to my dad and his rath.

I got shit beat out of me. 3 days b4 my 13 b day my dad was drinking and fighting with my mom, She left he turned his anger to me, I went to school with my wrist broke.

One month later we had a aslmble at school and there was a lady that talked to all 8th grade on abuse/drugs/sex/ and how to get help.

When that was over my eyes were now open. I found her in hall way and tryed to talk to her, Didn't know what to say how to say stuff. She knew just looking at me something was very wrong.

Took me to bathroom washed my face. Took me to office and started phone calls. She got my school recordes and everything strated looking at days missed resions.

Needless I didn't go home that day. When my dad ansered door was cops Childrens aid and the lady that helping me.

She got some of my things.

I now live with my aunt My dad well he has a veaw of brick walls and bars. My mom she didn't take things well she sided with my dad till the end, Donna tells me that happens alot my mom was scared and she didn't want to belave alot of things i said. two days after my dad was sentenced my mom OD on sleeping pills.

I did talk to her on phone and she said she was sorry she didn't belave me.

I have my aunt and have forster parents that I stayed at and couslers and Donna Childrens aid worker that are all helping me deal with things.

I know others don't get out as lucky as I did. I have one realy good friend that donna got me to talk with, her name is Amy she is 16 and has a 4 month old daughter. She got out of same kinda thing but got preg b4 she got out.

She is like a big sister to me now and understands things i do.

I want to say thanks to all people that go out of there way to Help others,

If not for Donna going to my school to talk. I still would not have told anything.

icq: 58490780

I had my virginity taken at four years old by my baby sitter's son. He did not penetrate me with his penis, but his finger. I was only four years old. I told my Mother and the baby sitter, and I remember that to this day. They just shrugged it off. I would love to find him and prosecute him, but I haven't been able to find him.

Name Withheld

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