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Survivor Stories

I don't remember when my grandfather started touching me. There are a couple of incidents that stick out in my mind. The first one (I was about 8) was when I was sitting on his lap and he was cupping my breast asking me if it felt good. I didn't think it was wrong since he was doing it while the whole family was there. They weren't looking and when I think back to that day I realized that he was whispering in my ear and I was wearing an oversized sweater. I guess it wasn't obvious what he was doing.

The next episode that I remember was when we were taking a nap and he asked me if I knew how to make love! I blocked a lot of things out of my mind and I can't even tell you exactly what he did to me. I think I was 10 and I didn't understand what he was doing or if it was really wrong. My family and I drove home later that week and I told a lady who was swimming the hotel pool that we stayed at what my grandfather had did to me. She told me I should tell my parents but I didn't think they would believe me.

When my grandfather died I refused to go to the funeral and nobody even asked why! I think my grandmother knew what he had done and maybe my mom as well. I am 27 now and my grandmother passed away this year. I went to her funeral and found out that my sister, who is 5 years older, went through the same thing. I don't know if to be mad at her or sympathize with her.

It has affected me with regards to my children. I don't trust my dad with my children, my daughter or son! My brother died in a car wreck a few years ago and the only good I see in that is maybe he would have been a pervert as well and God stopped that from happening.


I was 13 yrs. old when i was Raped, i had moved back to my mother's house in Tx from my father's house in LA. i stayed with my father from the time i was 6 to almost 13, My best friend (or i thought was my best friend) came over to stay the night with me since my parents were going out & i had to babysit my lil brother, Well my friend had invited two guys over to join us without me knowing, i told her and them they couldnt stay because if my parents came home they would be furious if they knew or seen that there were boys in the house without them being home, come to find out those boys were high and they didnt want to listen to me telling them to leave, so my friend and her boyfriend went outside and left me inside the house alone with this other boy, he went into my lil brothers room to see him, he was asleep so i guess he thought it would be perfect to do what he planned on doing since no one was around, he called me into my brothers room told me he was a cute baby, i said thank you & he ask me to show him where the restroom was and i did but he didnt go into the restroom he pushed me into my room which was right next to the restroom, of course being pushed you get upset and i ask him what he thought he was doing, he didnt have no reason to do me that way, he told me to shut up and take my jeans off i told him Hell No, that he was crazy if i was going to do that or do anything with him, he said he didnt care he was going to do what he wanted to do and that is the reason he came to my house, he pushed me on the bed, ripped my jeans off and tore my shirt put his hand over my mouth because i was screaming, told me to shut up because if i didnt he would seriously hurt me, i bit his hand so he decided to grab my throat and was choking me told me to be still or he would crush my throat, that it wouldnt be hard to do for him. I started to do what he was telling me to do because i really thought he would have tryed to kill me at that point since he was getting so angry, I let him be in control from there on and proceded to do what he wanted, it was Horrible it was one of the worse things that had ever happened to me since moving back from my real fathers house..thats another story i will get to later. anyway that boy done what he wanted to do and i stopped fighting him but later on in that month i found out my so called "Best Friend" was all behind it along with him and her boyfriend, thats why they went outside to let him to what he wanted to me. that crushed me so much, we were friends for so long and she goes and does that to me, friends are supposed to be there for you for anything through good or bad, not turn against you like she did. and also it turned out the guy that rapped me was 23 yrs. old. i never told anyone what happened i was to scared and ashamed to say anything and i didnt tell my mother beacause something had happened to me before i moved back with her and she didnt believe me and i thought if she didnt believe me about what happened at my fathers then she wouldnt believe me now. til this day my mother doesnt know i was raped, i have only told my husband, sister, brother and children. my sister was the first person i told and that was 4 yrs. after it happened, when she was raped. about the other story about when i was with my father is.. i moved with him because my mother thought it would be better since my step father didnt want me there at that time, my real father was remarried also, i lived with them for about 6 yrs. at first things were so Great! then a year later my step mother started molesting me and she didnt that from that time til a month before i moved back home, it was just as horrible as the rape, i couldnt understand why/how people could do that to another person. i told my mother numerous times from phone calls to letters and she just didnt believe me, said i was making it all up, that is another bad thing to having your own mother not believe you, it's really sad but NOT ALL mothers/parents are like that, please understand that everyone, not ALL of them are/were like mine. i couldnt tell my father because my father didnt believe other people could do that to children or other people with out them wanting it to happen and he just didnt want to hear about anything like that from anyone. so i have to say i have horrible parents when it comes to situations like that. and to everyone else out there...PLEASE PLEASE dont let anything like this hold you back from telling anyone, if something like a rape or whatecer happens to you..PLEASE tell someone right then and there, dont be stupid like me and tell someone when its to late. you WILL regret that, i sure do!

Thank you so much for listening to my story and taking time to read it!

Angel Kidd

Hi, I am 35 years old and my story started 20 years ago. I had been babysitting for a friend in a trailer park. Later that night she came home and we went to the trailer next door to talk to a couple guys. She and one of the guys left the trailer and the other guy locked the door. I panicked had grabbed the bolt, threw it and ran. I began walking home when a car pulled up. Two guys grabbed me, put me in the car and drove me to a deserted area. When they got me out of the car, I noticed another car parked in the area. My ex-boyfriend got out of the car and walked over to me. He started yelling at me, saying awful, awful things. He had seen me in the other guys' trailer and thought that I hade been having sex with him, even though I kept telling my ex that I wasn't ready. Which is why I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. "Hector" grabbed me, ripped off my clothes, threw me to the ground and proceeded to rape me. When he entered me, he realized that he had made a mistake; that I was still a virgin; but he didn't stop. He raped me three times in the space of two-and-a-half hours and the whole time he kept telling me he loved me. His two friends were supposed to take their turns with me, but they left me alone after seeing how much pain I was in. Then they took me back home. I told no one what had happened to me. Two months later, I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't tell my parents because they had always threatened that if I got pregnant, they would put me in a home for unwed mothers. So, I had four close friends that were older than me, and I told them the situation and they decided to help me. One of my friends was a medical assistant for an ob/gyn, he agreed to see for a nominal fee. I hid my pregnancy from my parents and when the baby became due, my friends drove me Sacramento where my obstetricain's collegue had his practice. I gave birth to my daughter on August 24, 1982... two weeks before my sixteenth birthday...I gave her up for adoption three days later, to a wonderful, loving couple. They named her Sarah Elizabeth Marie (my middle name is Marie), and she just celebrated her 19th biethday last August.

I feel the best thing for myself, as well as her, was to give her up for adoption to a loving couple/family because I didn't want to wind up resenting and hating her for what her father did to me. I know she has had a very happy life and that she has grown to be a beautiful, loving and kind-hearted young woman. I have received letters and pictures from her parents. I know that I made the right decision.....

im: Heavens_Fire66

Tell your story.

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