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Survivor Stories

My name is Tracey and I'm 25 years old. I raped for the first time 5 years ago by someone I met for the first time that night. I was out night clubbing with some friends and their partners. When I went home to my apartment this guy that I'd met got out of the taxi with me as he lived around the corner. He asked if he could use my toilet before he proceeded to walk home. I agreed because I thought I could trust the partners of my friends as they were his friend. I figured they wouldn't let him go in with me if he was considered a danger.

That was my first mistake. He came in to use the toilet and then when he came out he was naked. He grabbed me and dragged me to the floor where he raped me. Then he dragged me in to the bedroom where he proceeded to rape me several times before the night was out. He tied me to my bed with my stockings and when dawn came he left my apartment with me still bound to the bed. He returned mid morning and spent the rest of the day raping me. By afternoon I was praying that he would kill me. I didn't want to live anymore. But no. He decided to liven things up a bit and invited some friends around (2 of whom were partners of my friends).They all had their turns with me and several photos and videos were taken. I couldn't so anything. I couldn't even focus on anything. I just wanted to die. I thought it would never end until they invited another guy around.

My first thought was Here we go again...please let me die before they do it again, But they invited the wrong friend around. I'm not sure what happened next as I was in and out of consciousness, but the next thing I knew I untied and held by this guy. He held me and he was crying so hard I couldn't register who he at first but when I did register I was in an ambulance on my way to the hospital. It was my brother's best friend AJ.

He called an ambulance and the police. He gave the police all the names and addresses of the animals that did this to me. All I really had to do was confirm what he had told them. I didn't even have to testify in court because the police had the evidence in photo's and videos. I don't remember much about the hospital. I was unconscious for a few days and when I woke the first thing I saw was AJ. He'd been with me at the hospital the whole time. When I woke he told me that he'd loved me for some time and he was sorry it took something like this to bring his feelings out in to the open. He helped me through this time. He gave me strength and a shoulder to lean on. He has never left my side. He even helped me through the therapy process of it all. And now 5 years later he is still here.

All I can say to other victims is this. When they hurt us, they know what they are doing. They know that they are ruining our lives. Don't let them!! They take so much away from us when they hurt us, don't let them take our lives from us. Our lives will never be the same but our lives can go on. I still have nightmares but I also have a loving husband (AJ) who helps me through and every time I close my eyes these days, the visions and nightmares become less and less. You have to tell someone, because you'll never make it on your own.


After reading everyone else's stories on this page I got up the courage to write my story. This is gonna be difficult so bare with me.

I am 16 years old and I was raped 2 months ago by a guy who I was sorta on a date with. It all started when my friend said she had to get gas for her car. Our gas attendant was yelling to another gas attendant in Indian. I don't know what they said but the next thing I knew this other guy had come over towards the car. The first thing I thought when I saw him was damn he is hot. He started to flirt with me and I was very flattered. I have a very low self esteem about my looks so this was thrilling for me. We drove away from the gas station and my friend turns to me and says "Melissa you should have given him your number" I said I would've and she didn't believe me so I said yea go back I will do it and so I gave him my number.

That night me and my friend went to the mall and as I was standing outside talking I get beeped with this number I didn't recognize. I thought it might of been my sister at a friends house so I called the number and it turned out to be the guy. He wanted me to go to his house but I said no and told him that I would meet him at the gas station.

So off me and my friend went to go to the gas station. He seemed really sweet and asked me to go for a walk. I agreed. My friend didn't want me to but I went anyway. She stayed at the gas station. Me and the guy walked and got something to eat at the wawa across the street. He then said we should go back to his house where we would eat and sit and talk. He told me not to worry that people were home. At this point I was already trusting him(dumb move on my part) so I went. As I am walking in his house I got a beep from the friend that was supposed to be at the gas station. she beeped me with her home number followed by 911. this is something she never did. Me frantic asked to use the phone. He pointed to his bedroom which happened to be where the phone was. My friend was crying hysterical saying that the guy at the gas station that was there with her when we left was touching her breasts and feeling her down there. I was standing facing the wall at the time listening to what she was telling me and realized that the person who owned the house I was in was the guy who just did this to her. I hung up the phone with her and turned around to find the guy I was with had shut and locked the door. He then made me sit on the bed and told me in a nasty tone that he "wants a kiss" I was scared. He leaned in to kiss me as he was kissing me I was being pushed further and further down on the bed until I was completely laying down. He then told me to take my clothes off to which I refused so he took them off of me the next thing I remember was that he was inside of me. He was raping me. the whole time I was saying no but he just kept on saying your joking. I froze I just laid there I couldn't move I was in totally shock and at that point was oblivious to the world. after he did this to me 3 times he let me go.

I hope writing this story helps someone. I know feel somewhat better now that I wrote it all out. I still struggle everyday with the fact that this happened to me. But I am a survivor. Just remember "Just because you were victimized doesn't me you have to become his victim." Those are word that I now live by.

If anyone feels like they have to talk to someone please feel free to e-mail me at


My name is Bonita. I will be 20 on October 2, 1999. Telling my story is really hard. I was 4 years old at the time. The young man that raped me was my brother's best friend at the time.

He terrified me and, unfortunately, this was not a one time thing. This abuse lasted for about a week. I never told my parents because of the shame, guilt, and confusion I felt. It was several years later I finally realized what it was that had happened to me. His parents live next door, so I see him quite often which is very difficult.

Just a few weeks ago (Sept.1999), I contacted a Christian Counselor from my church. He has spent many years counseling victims. He has helped me tremendously in my struggle to heal. I encourage everyone to find help somewhere. Thank you for telling my story.


Tell your story.

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