My depression is not directly related to my abuse, i.e. it is hereditary and was extant before the abuse happened. The abuse didn't cause the depression, but it did aggrivate it.

In any case, I've recently gone on Citalopram, to treat rather severe physical symptoms of depression -- I've generally had a regular "cycle" where I can expect a short emotional crash once every 3 months or so (chemical, obviously, not situational), but this time the crash wasn't ending or getting better, but simply dragging me slowly down. I say "physical" symptoms because this wasn't so much a sense of intense sadness as it was severe mental sluggishness, fatigue, and a sense of being disconnected from my body and physical senses. I was having trouble coping with people and work on a day to day basis.

I have to say the Citalopram was amazingly fast-acting and effective. The mental fog was totally gone literally by the day after I started taking it (and at a half-dose, even). Physical side effects were fairly mild; I had no sleep disturbances, and nothing more than mild queasiness for the first month or so if I didn't watch what I was eating. If I ate either too much or too little (and especially when waking up in the morning with an empty stomach), I'd feel a little sick, but not enough to really hamper me. The nausea went away after just a few weeks.

The one huge, HUGE downside is the sexual side effects. My libido has pretty much totally dried up. I've also had some problems with delayed orgasm, though not as often as I would have thought. I AM very pleased with its effectiveness, but honestly can't wait til I can wean myself off.