I've had very good experience with Zoloft. I take it for depression. I have mild Aspbergers disorder which might be the cause of my depression.

I started taking Zoloft when I went to my psych bawling, cuz I couldn't handle the pressures of school anymore. I was part of a SPED program which knew little about Aspbergers, also they told me I should spend my time after school while they're giving time to kids who do drugs. Of course they didn't say that in those words, but I got the picture.

I also wasn't exactly what you would call a social butterfly. I was almost constantly put down for the most inane reasons.

I also had to get up for school EARLY, like 5:30, people. I'd get to school literally a minute after the bell, I'd get put on the spot in front of the class, laughed at. If a popular did the same thing, there wouldn't even be an issue.

As you can see these things only worsened my depression, although I don't see how anyone could withstand those things without being depressed.

After I took the Zoloft I started sleeping better, although I do still stay up late. It has nothing to do with the Zoloft, I just perfer being an Owl. I also wasn't crying nearly as much, and started feeling much less guilty about things I had know hand in causing.

Fortunetly, I've also had zero of the side effects mentioned above with Zoloft.

I recently saw Zoloft's new ad on TV, with the little blobby dude going after the ladybug. I thought it was the cutest ad I've ever seen, and it gets to the point. Unlike most medicine ads I've seen lately which feel flashing their url on the screen is more than sufficent.

So yea, that's my experience and some other stuff that just happens to be cool about Zoloft. Cheers!